General Dentistry

At our office we like to consider your health extends well beyond oral health.  Therefore we start with a thorough health questionnaire and an oralrussogirls300p72dpi exam.  This is where we find gum disease as well as a variety of other dental conditions.  We are able to address most all forms of dental treatment and we encourage regular exams and cleanings.  Keeping on a regular maintenance program prevents pain, time in the dental chair, expense and tooth loss.

Beyond the routine dental procedures, we often have patients ask us about cosmetic procedures.  Our office offers a variety of bleaching techniques including home bleaching and Zoom bleaching.  There are other aesthetic procedures which can enhance one’s smile and facial profile.  Some examples of these are porcelain veneers and composite fillings.  Please feel free to ask us about these during your treatment process.

To find out more about General Dentistry please see our more detailed information What is General Dentistry?


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